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About Election Commission of India

Established on 25 January 1950, the Election Commission of India is an autonomous, quasi-judiciary constitutional body of India. It was initiated under Article 324 of the Indian Constitution with an aim to conduct free and fair elections in India.

Structure of Election Commission

A Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners, appointed by the President are the heads of the Commission and lead it.

Only one Chief Election Commissioner used to be appointed initially till October 1989, which was then reformed to two in 1989. But this reform

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Powers and Duties of Election Commission

The Executive does not interfere in any manner in the work of Election Commission. It is independent.

The body is autonomous and functions as a quasi-judiciary body when it comes to conducting elections or solving problems and disputes regarding it.

The President of India h

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New Initiatives by the Election Commission

The few new initiatives taken by the Commission in the recent past are

  • Scheme for use of State owned Electronic Media for broadcast/telecast by Political Parties.
  • Checking criminalization of politics,
  • Computerization of electoral rolls,
  • Providing electors/voters with Id

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