Topic-Wise NTA-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Sociology (Paper-II) Study Plan

TopicPractice Questions (with Explanations)
Conceptualising Indian Society

Questions (2)

Developmental Issues

Questions (7)

Gender and Society

Questions (63)

Industry and Society

Questions (1)

Issues Pertaining to Deviance

Questions (2)


Questions (16)

Phenomenology and Ethnomethodology

Questions (1)

Population and Society

Questions (1)

Rural Sociology

Questions (5)

Socio-Cultural Issues

Questions (2)

Sociological Concepts

Questions (54)

Sociological Theories

Questions (55)

Sociology of Development

Questions (11)

Structuration and Post-Modernism

Questions (1)

The Challenges of Globalisation

Questions (1)