Sociology of Development-Social Structure and Development (CBSE-NET (UGC) Sociology (Paper-II & Paper-III)): Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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Question number: 1

» Sociology of Development » Social Structure and Development » Social Structure as a Facilitator or Inhibitor

Appeared in Year: 2015

Match List-Ⅰ List-Ⅱ▾


Match the following select correct answer code from given list. (June) (Paper 2)
List-Ⅰ (Works) List-Ⅱ (Sociologists)


Elementary forms of religious life


C. Levi-Strauss


the Andaman Islanders


B. Malinowski


Argonauts of the western pacific


Emile Durkheim


Structural Anthropology


A. R. Radcliffe-Brown


Choice (4) Response
  • (A)
  • (B)
  • (C)
  • (D)


  • (i)
  • (iii)
  • (ii)
  • (iv)


  • (iv)
  • (i)
  • (iii)
  • (ii)


  • (i)
  • (iv)
  • (ii)
  • (iii)


  • (iii)
  • (iv)
  • (ii)
  • (i)

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