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📋 Study Plan: NTA-NET (UGC-NET) Sociology (05) Topic-Wise Study Plan

Sociological Concepts

Notes (89)

Questions (152)

Video (1)

Sociological Theories

Notes (60)

Questions (102)


Notes (118)

Questions (61)

Phenomenology and Ethnomethodology

Notes (10)

Questions (8)

Structuration and Post-Modernism

Notes (16)

Questions (18)

Conceptualising Indian Society

Notes (9)

Questions (3)

Theoretical Perspectives

Notes (32)

Questions (15)

Socio-Cultural Issues

Notes (15)

Questions (10)

Developmental Issues

Notes (9)

Questions (17)

Issues Pertaining to Deviance

Notes (9)

Questions (5)

Current Debates

Notes (24)

Questions (3)

The Challenges of Globalisation

Notes (6)

Questions (2)

Rural Sociology

Notes (27)

Questions (37)

Industry and Society

Notes (34)

Questions (7)

Sociology of Development

Notes (70)

Questions (46)

Population and Society

Notes (41)

Questions (17)

Gender and Society

Notes (17)

Questions (71)

Culture and Symbolic Transformations

Notes (23)

Questions (9)

Economy and Society

Notes (22)

Questions (13)

Environment and Society

Notes (32)

Questions (11)

Science, Technology and Society

Notes (19)

Questions (7)

Urban Society

Notes (7)

Questions (14)

Neo-Functionalism and Neo-Marxism

Notes (13)

Questions (6)