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We have a total of 188 Study Material available on NTA-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Public Administration (Paper-II). Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Introduction to Public Administration (14)

Meaning (1)

Nature and Scope (9)

Public and Private Administration (1)

New Public Administration (3)

Administrative Thinkers (30)

Kautilya (1)

Woodrow Wilson (2)

Luther Gullick and Lyndall Urwick (2)

Max Weber (3)

FW Taylor (2)

Henri Fayol (1)

MP Follet (2)

Elton Mayo (2)

Herbert Simon (2)

DH McGregor (2)

Abraham Maslow (2)

Herzberg (1)

Chris Argyris and Fred Riggs (3)

Chester Irving Bernard (2)

Dwight Waldo (1)

Peter Drucker (1)

Minnobrook Perspective (1)

Theories (6)

Classical (2)

Human Relations (2)

Bureaucratic (1)

Public Choice and Principal Agent Relationship (1)

Approaches to Study of Public Administration (6)

Scientific Management (1)

Behavioural Systems (1)

Structural-Functional (1)

Decision-Making (2)

Public Policy and Marxian (1)

Organisation (16)

Bases of Organisation (3)

Formal and Informal (1)

Principles of Organisation-Hierarchy (2)

Span of Control (2)

Unity of Command (3)

Delegation (2)

Decentralisation and Coordination (1)

Line-Staff Agencies (2)

Leadership (3)

Motivation and Communication (3)

Comparative Public Administration (14)

Comparative Public Administration (2)

Theories and Models of Comparative Public Administration (1)

Approaches and Methods (Institutions and Processes in UK) (1)

Approaches and Methods (Institutions and Processes in USA) (1)

Approaches and Methods (Institutions and Processes in India) (1)

Approaches and Methods (Citizen and Administration) (1)

Approaches and Methods (Redressal of Citizen's Grievances in USA, UK and India) (1)

Public Administration and Its Environment (1)

Approaches and Methods (4)

Salient Features of the Administrative Systems (1)

Development Administration (20)

Objectives, Features, Defitions, Significance and Participants (5)

Public and Private Sectors and Their Administration (2)

Planning (2)

Bureaucracy and Development Administration (4)

Development and Its Dimensions (4)

Ecology of Development Administration (2)

Human Development Indicators (1)

Indian Administration (32)

Organisation of Government at the Central Level (4)

Organisation of Government at the State Level (4)

Personnel Administration (1)

Financial Administration (15)

Plans (3)

Centre State Relations (2)

Control over Administration (1)

Union Government (1)

Planning (1)

Research Methodology (11)

Types of Research (1)

Identification of Problem and Preparation of Research Design (1)

Research Methods in Social Sciences (1)

Hypothesis (1)

Sampling (1)

Tools of Data Collection (3)

Processing of Data (1)

Measures of Central Tendency (1)

Report Writing (1)

Public Enterprises (11)

Features (2)

Problems of Management (5)

Accountability and Autonomy (2)

Privatisation and Globalisation (1)

Disinvestment Policy (1)

State Administration (3)

Chief Minister (3)

Public Policy (14)

Nature, Scope and Importance (2)

Evolution of Public Policy and Policy Sciences (2)

Public Policy and Public Administration (3)

Approaches to Public Policy (2)

Institutions of Policy Making (1)

Types of Policy Analysis (2)

Policy Implementation (2)

Governance and Good Governance (5)

Elements and Forms of Good Governance (2)

Right to Information (2)

Ethics and Public Accountability in Governance (1)

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