NTA-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Public Administration (Paper-II): Questions 1 of 1113

Appeared in Year: 2014



Which one of the following has attempted to construct theory of public organization in tune with consumer interest and individual preferences? (June Paper II)


Choice (4)Response


Human Relations Theory


Behavioural Approach


Development Administration


Public Choice Theory




The public choice approach to public administration came into existence in the 1960s, almost along with new public administration. Vincent Ostrom was its chief protagonist who advocated for replacement of the traditional doctrine of ‘bureaucratic administration’ by the concept of ‘democratic administration’ . In his famous book, The Intellectual Crisis in American Public Administration, Ostrom observes that “Bureaucratic structures are necessary, but not sufficient structures for a productive and responsive public service economy. Perfection in the hierarchical ordering of a professionally trained public service, accountable to a single centre of power will reduce the capability of a larger administrative system to respond to diverse preferences among citizens for many different public goods and services and cope with diverse environmental conditions. A variety of different organizational arrangements can be used to provide different public goods and services. Such organisations can be coordinated through various multi-organisational arrangements.”

Public Choice Theory

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