Statistics & Research Methods-Regression Analysis (CBSE-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Psychology (Paper-II)): Questions 5 - 5 of 5

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Read the following paragraph and answer the five questions which follow:

Industrial psychologist wanted to study the job efficiency of the company executives in relation to MBA marks, selection test scores, evaluation score at the end of inhouse training. Job efficiency correlated with MBA marks (r = 0.40), selection test scores (r = 0.50) and the evaluation scores at the end of inhouse training (r = 0.60). All the three correlation were statistically significant. The multiple regression was computed using job efficiency as the criterion and the other three variables as the predictors. The three Predictors explained 56.25 percent of variance in the job efficiency. The industrial psychologist further thought that the communication skills assessment would enhance the predictability of-job efficiency. As such the communication skills of the respondents were also assessed, which correlated with job efficiency by 0.35, again a statistically significant value. However when communication skills were added as the fourth predictor in the multiple regression, the change in (squared multiple correlation) was found to be insignificant. (Paper - 3 July)

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The b coefficient obtained in multiple regression is


Choice (4) Response


Regression coefficient


Partial regression coefficient


Correlation coefficient


Partial correlation coefficient

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