Personality-Characteristics of Personality (CBSE-NET (UGC) Psychology (Paper-II & Paper-III)): Questions 19 - 19 of 19

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Question number: 19

» Personality » Characteristics of Personality

Appeared in Year: 2016

Match List-Ⅰ List-Ⅱ▾


Match List – I with List – II and select the correct answer by choosing from the codes given below: (Paper- 2 July)
List-Ⅰ (Concept) List-Ⅱ (Explanation)


Personality Development


Stable and enduring qualities that define the Individual and distinguish individual from one another


Personality Process


Everybody comes up to be a unique individual by adulthood


Psychopathology and Change


Psychological reaction and motives that change dynamically over relatively brief periods.


Personality Structure


People sometimes change and sometimes resist Change or are unable to change accordingly


Choice (4) Response
  • (A)
  • (B)
  • (C)
  • (D)


  • (ii)
  • (i)
  • (iv)
  • (iii)


  • (i)
  • (iv)
  • (ii)
  • (iii)


  • (i)
  • (ii)
  • (iv)
  • (iii)


  • (ii)
  • (iii)
  • (iv)
  • (i)

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