Personality (CBSE-NET (UGC) Psychology (Paper-II & Paper-III)): Questions 354 - 354 of 354

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Question number: 354

» Personality » Measurement of Personality

Appeared in Year: 2016



Which of the following statement/s is/are true, when the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ or EPQ-R) and Costa and McCrae’s NEO-PI-3 are compared?

  1. EPQ-R Psychoticism (P) scale is uncorrelated with Five-Factor Agreeableness (A) and Contentiousness (C) Scale.
  2. P scale is positively correlated with A and C scales.
  3. P scale is negatively correlated with A and C scale.
  4. EPQ-R has Lie scale, NEO-PI-3 has no lie scale
  5. Both EPQ-R and NEO-PI-3 have lie scale. (June)


Choice (4) Response


2 and 5 only


1 and 4 only


1 and 5 only


3 and 4 only

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