Concept Formation-Process of Concept Formation (CBSE-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Psychology (Paper-II)): Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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Question number: 1

» Concept Formation » Process of Concept Formation

Appeared in Year: 2014


Assertion (Ꭺ)

The level at which we first categorize an object is the basic in the hierarchy of concepts.

Reason (Ꭱ)

Concepts are related to one another.


Choice (4) Response


Ꭺ is false but Ꭱ is true


Ꭺ is true but Ꭱ is false


Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are true and Ꭱ is the correct explanation of Ꭺ


Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are true but Ꭱ is NOT the correct explanation of Ꭺ

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