Artificial Intelligence-Artificial Intelligence Techniques (CBSE-NET (UGC) Psychology (Paper-II & Paper-III)): Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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Read carefully the following statements and give an appropriate response:

(1) Two aspects of artificial intelligence are computer simulations and automatic processing

(2) Computer simulations are often used to test models of human cognition.

(3) Organized knowledge, acquired strategies, and automatic processing and all characteristics of human expertise.

(4) Expert systems can be described as broadly intelligent because their rules and heuristics apply to almost any problem solving situations.


Choice (4) Response


(1) and (4) are correct, but (2) and (3) are incorrect


All of the above statements are incorrect


(1) and (4) are incorrect, but (2) and (3) are correct


All of the above statements are correct

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