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Question 6015

Appeared in Year: 2018



A sport psychologist wanted to study the effect of a specific type of steroids. She hypothesized that the consumption of steroid would temporarily improve the running rate. Seventy athletes in the age range of 25 to 30 years were employed in this work. Two groups, A and B, of equal size were formed by random assignment. The examination of the two groups revealed that the two groups had similar genderwise composition. Group A athletes received the drug dosage, adjusted for the body weight. Group B athletes received the placebo. Twenty-five minutes (time required to manifest the steroid effects) after, the athletes were required to run a specific track. The mean time to run the track was calculated for each group. The mean time required to run the track was 180 seconds and 145 seconds respectively for Group A and Group B. The mean difference was evaluated by appropriate statistical test.

The researcher՚s hypothesis in the above study (18th December 2th Shift)


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