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We have a total of 279 Study Material available on NTA-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Physical Education (Paper-II). Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Foundation of Physical Education (44)

Introduction and Definition (7)

Aim and Objectives (3)

Philosophies of Education as Applied to Physical Education (2)

Biological Basis of Physical Activity (12)

Psychological Basis of Physical Education (3)

Sociological Basis of Physical Education (9)

Physical Education in India (8)

Physiology of Exercise and Sports Medicine (65)

Physiology of Muscular Activity (20)

Neurotransmission and Movement Mechanism (5)

Physiology of Respiration (2)

Physiology of Blood Circulation (2)

Factors Influencing Performance in Sports (1)

Bioenergetics and Recovery Process (1)

Athletic Injuries (3)

Manangement and Rehabilitation of Injuries (29)

Therapeutic Modalities (1)

Ergogenic Aids and Doping (1)

Kinesiology and Bio-Mechanics (25)

Joints and Their Movements (1)

Laws of Motion (2)

Principles of Equilibrium and Force (1)

Spin and Elasticity (2)

Postural Deformities and Their Correction (3)

Mechanical Analysis of Various Sports Activities (2)

Massage Manipulation (2)

Therapeutic Exercises (3)

Friction (1)

Air and Water Dynamics (1)

Sports Biomechanics, Aims and Objectives (3)

Projectiles and Principles of Projections (2)

Fundamental Axes and Planes (2)

Psychology of Sportsman (23)

Learning Process (9)

Psychological Factors Affecting Sports Performance (5)

Individual Differences (1)

Group Dynamics (1)

Team Cohesion and Leadership in Sports (3)

Sociometrics (1)

Media and Sports (2)

Introduction and Importance (1)

Professional Preparation (19)

Development of Teacher Education in Physical Education (2)

Professional Courses in Sports and Physical Education in India (3)

Professional Ethics (1)

Qualities and Qualifications of Physical Educational Personnel (2)

Principles of Curriculum Planning (1)

Course Content for Academic and Professional Courses (2)

Comparative Study of Professional Preparation (2)

Origin and Development of University in India (2)

PE Teachers as Educational Designers (1)

Career Preparation in Physical Education (1)

Sliding Filament Theory (1)

Social Loafing (1)

Health Education (17)

Principles of Health and Health Education (2)

Nutrition and Dietary Manipulations (2)

Environmental and Occupational Hazards (2)

First Aid (1)

Communicable Diseases (1)

School Health Program and Personal Hygiene (1)

Recreation Program for Various Categories of People (1)

Major Lifestyle Diseases (2)

Pollution (1)

Hormones (1)

Effects of Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs (1)

Training of Sportsperson (24)

Characteristics and Principles of Sports Training (4)

Training Load and Periodization (1)

Training Programs (3)

Technical and Tactical Preparation for Sports (3)

Training Plans (1)

Sports Talent Identification (1)

Preparing for Competition (9)

Flexibility (1)

Coordinative Abilities (1)

Research Process in Physical Education (8)

Nature Ad Type of Research (2)

Sampling (1)

Methods of Research (1)

Data Collection (1)

Hypothesis Formulation (1)

Writing Research Report (1)

Computer Applications (1)

Testing and Evaluation (44)

Concept of Test (2)

Criteria of Test Evaluation (1)

Assessment of Physical Fitness (3)

Assessment of Motor Fitness (1)

Skill Tests (35)

Anthropometric Measurements and Body Composition (1)

Somatotype and Sports (1)

Management in Physical Education (6)

Concept and Principles of Management (3)

Intramurals and Extramurals (1)

Methods and Techniques of Teaching (1)

Principles of Planning Physical Education Lessons (1)

Education (3)

Definitions of Health (2)

Aims and Objectives of Health Education (1)

Computer Education and Information Technology (1)

Information Communication Technology (1)

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