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Detailed Explanations to 1479 Questions

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Topic-Wise CBSE-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Paper-I Study Plan

TopicPractice Questions (with Explanations)Watch
Abstract Reasoning

Questions (3)

Video (3)


Questions (2)


Questions (13)

Video (1)

Analytical Ability

Questions (100)

Video (3)


Questions (33)

Video (6)

Basic Geography of India

Questions (7)

Video (8)


Questions (93)

Video (3)

Comprehension and Problem Solving

Questions (20)

Video (7)

Computer Applications & Information Technology

Questions (41)

Video (1)

Data Interpretation & Sufficiency

Questions (154)

Video (1)

Education in India

Questions (50)

Video (2)

Environmental Geography

Questions (60)

Video (5)

Environmental Hazards & Remedial Measures

Questions (10)

Video (7)

Governance, Polity & Administration

Questions (35)

Video (2)

Introduction to Computers

Questions (174)

Video (6)

Language & Grammar

Questions (1)

Logical Reasoning

Questions (42)

Video (7)

Mass Communication

Questions (7)

Means of Communications

Questions (23)

Natural Hazards

Questions (10)

Video (2)

NET-JRF Paper-1 Information

Video (35)

Number Series

Questions (75)

Video (2)

Playing with Alphabets

Questions (8)

Video (1)

Playing with Words

Questions (1)

Reading Comprehension

Questions (71)

Video (2)

Research Methods

Questions (79)

Video (7)

Spatial Reasoning

Video (2)

Teaching Aptitude

Questions (355)

Video (2)

Verbal Reasoning

Questions (14)

Video (2)

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