NTA-NET (UGC-NET) Paper-I (in English) Video Course Lecture: Analogies (26 mins) | Lecture 53 of 84

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Topics Covered

  • Analogies » Word Relations
  • Analogies » Find Essential Elements


Q. Seismography: Earthquake:: Taseometer: ?

A. Volcanoes B. Resistances

C. Landslides D. Strains

Q. Mathematics: Numbers:: History: ?

A. People B. Events C. Dates D. Wars

Forecast: Future:: Regret: ?

A. Present B. Atone C. Past D. Sins

Q. Scribble: Write:: Stammer: ?

A. Walk B. Play

C. Speak D. Dance

Q. Race: Fatigue:: Fast: ?

A. Food B. Appetite

C. Hunger D. Weakness

Q. Pork: Pig:: Beef: ?

A. Farmer B. Herd

C. Cow D. Lamb

Q. Tile: Mosaic:: Knot: ?

A. Embroidery B. Abacus C. Macrame D. Easel

Q. Conference: Chairman:: Newspaper: ?

A. Reporter B. Distributer

C. Painter D. Editor

Q. Quail: Partridges:: Yak: ?

A. Cows B. Deer

C. Oxen D. Horse

Q. Play is to actor as concert is to

A. Symphony B. Musician

C. Piano D. Percussion

Q. Careful is to cautious as boastful is to

A. Arrogant B. Humble

C. Joyful D. Suspicious

Q. Pride is to lion as school is to

A. Teacher B. Student C. Self-respect D. Fish

Q. Pen is to poet as needle is to

A. Thread B. Button

C. Sewing D. Tailor

Q. Velum is to palate as trachea is to:

A. Throat B. Windpipe

C. Larynx D. Swallow

Q. Quadrangular is to square as annular is to:

A. Clock B. Circle

C. Year D. Cubic

Q. Pulsate: Throb

A. Walk: Run B. Tired: Sleep

C. Examine: Scrutinize D. Ballet: Dancer

Q. Elephant: Pachyderm

A. Mantis: Rodent B. Poodle: Feline

C. Kangaroo: Marsupial D. Zebra: Horse

Q. Depressed: Sad

A. Neat: Considerate B. Towering: Cringing

C. Rapid: Plodding D. Exhausted: Tired

Q. Skein: Yarn

A. Squeeze: Lemon B. Fire: Coal

C. Ream: Paper D. Tree: Lumber

Q. Tailor: Suit

A. Scheme: Agent B. Edit: Manuscript

C. Revise: Writer D. Mention: Opinion

Conductor: Orchestra

A. Jockey: Mount B. Thrasher: Hay

C. Driver: Tractor D. Skipper: Crew

Q. Metaphor: Symbol

A. Pentameter: Poem B. Nuance: Song

C. Slang: Usage D. Analogy: Comparison

Q. Dirge: Funeral

A. Chain: Letter B. Bell: Church

C. Telephone: Call D. Jingle: Commercial

Q. Feral: Tame

A. Rancid: Rational B. Repetitive: Recurrent

C. Nettlesome: Annoying D. Ephemeral: Immortal

Q. Walk Skip Run

Toss Pitch ________

A. Swerve B. Hurl C. Jump D. Dance

Q. Honeybee Angel Bat

Kangaroo Rabbit ________

A. Mermaid B. Possum

C. Grasshopper D. Sprinter

Q. Daisy Flower Plant

Bungalow House ________

A. Building B. Cottage C. Apartment D. City

Q. Dormitory (dine, teach, sleep) & Refectory (eat, store, cure)

A. Sleep, eat B. Dine, cure

C. Teach, store D. Sleep, cure

Q. Wax (polish, lighten, increase) & Wane (distend, diminish, plummet)

A. Polish, diminish B. Increase, diminish

C. Increase, distend D. Lighten, diminish

Q. Ursine (rabbit, sheep, bear) & Vulpine (fox, deer, wolf)

A. Bear, fox B. Rabbit, deer

C. Rabbit, fox D. Sheep, deer

Q. Gala

A. Celebration B. Tuxedo

C. Appetizer D. Orator


A. Cut B. Burn

C. Nuisance D. Hurt

Q. Guitar

A. Band B. Teacher

C. Songs D. Strings

Q. Cell

A. Chlorophyll B. Nucleus

C. Nerve D. Human

Q. Champion

A. Running B. Swimming

C. Winning D. Speaking

Q. Glacier

A. Mountain B. Winter

C. Prehistory D. Ice