NTA-NET (UGC-NET) Paper-I (in English) Video Course Lecture: Direction Problems (25 mins) | Lecture 58 of 84

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Topics Covered

  • Analytical Ability » Directions


6 flats on a floor in 2 rows face north and south & are allotted to P, Q, R, S, T & U. Q gets North facing flat which is not next to S. S and U get diagonally opposite flats. R gets south facing flat next to U & T gets a North facing flat.

who՚s flat will lie next to U, if flats of P and T are interchanged?

A. P

B. Q

C. R

D. T

South facing flats are obtained by what com-bination?





Which pair of flat other than SU is diagonally opposite to each other?





α starting from his house, goes 5 km in the East, then he turns to his left and goes 4 km. Finally he turns to his left and goes 5 km. Calculate his distance from the house & its direction?

A. 4 km south

B. 4 km north

C. 5 km east

D. 3 km west

α starting from his house, goes 4 km in the East, then he turns to his right and goes 3 km. What minimum distance will be covered by him to come back to his house?

A. 7 km

B. 6 km

C. 5 km

D. 4 km

Man walks east and turns right and then again goes to his left and then 45 degree to his right. Find direction in which he went finally?

A. Northwest

B. Southwest

C. Northeast

D. Southeast

Village Q is to the north of the village P. Village R is to the east of Village Q. Village S is to the left of the village P. In which direction is the village S with respect to village R?

A. West

B. Southwest

C. South

D. Northwest

One morning after sunrise α while going to school met β at the road crossing. βs shadow was exactly to the right of α. If they were face to face, which direction was α facing?

A. North

B. South

C. East

D. West

α starting from her house walked 5 km east to reach the crossing. In the direction she was going, a road opposite to this direction comes from Hospital. The road to the right goes to station. Road going to station is just opposite to IT-Park road, then find direction from IT Park to α and direction of IT Park road from α?

A. Left

B. Right

C. North

D. South