NTA-NET (UGC-NET) Paper-I (in English) Video Course Lecture: Reading Comprehension – Critical Thinking (22 mins) | Lecture 42 of 84

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Topics Covered

  • Reading Comprehension » Advanced Passages


Q. If student is not allowed to attend school for 5 days for physically assaulting another student, teacher, or school employee or willfully destroying or defacing school property then it is called 5-day suspension. Which best explains five-day suspension?

A. γ gets caught cheating in math test for 2nd time & is suspended from school.

B. α is asked to leave classroom because of his constant disruptions.

C. α spray paints & writes derogatory comments on lock room wall & is suspended

D. β tells her class that students failing in midterm exam will be expected to stay after school for tutoring help.

Q. Additional contest or play period made to establish winner among tied contestants is tiebreaker. Which best explains tiebreaker?

A. At halftime, the score is tied at 28.

B. α & β have each scored 3 goals in the game.

C. Referee tosses a coin to decide which team must possess the ball first.

D. γ & δ each finished with 14 points & now battle it out in 5-minute overtime.

Q. If person requests to be considered for a job which is dependent on a particular season or time of year it is called applying for seasonal employment. Which situation best explains “applying for seasonal employment” ?

A. Ski instructors at Mt. Hood work from December through March.

B. α prefers jobs allowing him to work outdoors.

C. δ makes appointment with beach resort manager to interview for summer waitressing position advertised in paper.

D. β՚s ice cream shop stays open until 11 PM in summer months.

Q. When person leave their social system for prolonged time period & then returns is called re-entry. Which situation best explains re-entry?

A. On being offered better paying position, α leaves restaurant & moves to new restaurant on opposite side of town.

B. α spends her junior year of college studying abroad in Germany.

C. δ readjusts to civilian life after 2 years of overseas military service.

D. After many bad months, α decides not to share apartment with her roommate β.

Q. On considering a situation, people speculate & assume something to be correct based on inconclusive evidence. Which best explains speculation?

A. α thinks of wearing jeans to her new office on Friday after reading about “Casual Fridays” in her employee handbook & considers this appropriate.

B. β spends 30 min waiting in traffic & thinks of taking a train instead of driving.

C. After consulting many guidebooks and her travel agent, γ thinks that hotel she has chosen is first-rate.

D. When δ opens door in tears, α guesses that someone died in her family.

Q. Parent have complained the school principal that students bully in the school yard during recess. Principal plans to investigate & end this situation at the earliest, so he asks teacher to watch very closely. Which of the following situation must be reported to the Principal by teacher?

A. Child reading book sitting glumly on bench & not interacting with her peers.

B. 4 girls surround another one & try to possess her backpack.

C. 2 boys play one-on-one basketball game & argue over last basket scored

D. 3 boys are clustered over video game, which isn՚t supposed to be in school.

Q. Dr. δ who is a busy pediatric dentist requires skilled & reliable hygienist to keep things running smoothly. Last 2 people hired by her were recommended by top dentists in the area, but both of them lasted for less than one month. Dr. δ now desperately looks for hygienist who can handle specific challenges nicely. Which of the following candidates would be considered most seriously?

A. α is hygienist for 15 years and her current employer, who is retiring, says she is the best in the business. Her clients were some of the wealthiest & most powerful citizens in the county.

B. β recently topped in graduated from one of the best dental hygiene programs in the state. Before being a dental hygienist, β worked for 2 years in a day care center.

C. ε worked as dental hygienist for 3 years in public health clinic & is interested to work in private dental office.

D. γ is experienced and highly recommended dental hygienist finishing degree in early childhood education & she hopes this will get her job as a pre-school teacher. Willingness to work with children she is eager to find a job in a pediatric practice.

Q. δ plans a toy store in town & works with realtor to find good location. He is planning to get a place that is either in, or not too far from town՚s center & one that could attract pedestrians. Which locations should δ՚s realtor show him?

A. α in a new big building near train stop town՚s center where mainly young, childless professionals commute to their offices each day by train

B. β which is 4 blocks away from town՚s main street near an elementary school & next to ice cream store

C. γ on quiet residential street 12 blocks away from the town՚s center

D. ε in small strip mall in periphery of town with pharmacy & dry cleaner nearby

Q. Mrs. α took a taxi to meet her 3 friends for lunch who were waiting for her outside the restaurant when she pulled up in the car. Being so excited to meet her friends, she forgot her tote bag in taxi. She along with her friends noticed the license plate number so as to help identify the car on calling the taxi company. Choices have 4 license plate numbers that each of the 4 women thinks they saw. Which one is the license plate number of the taxi?

A. JXK 12L

B. JYK 12L

C. JXK 12I

D. JXX 12L

Q. A man has invited his three friends over to watch the cricket game on his widescreen television. They are all hungry, but no one wants to leave to get food. Just as they are arguing about who should make the food run, a commercial comes on for a local restau-rant that delivers. The phone number flashes on the screen briefly and they all try to remember it. In duration when host brings pen and paper, every one recollects different number mentioned in 4 choices. Which numbers is most likely the tele-phone number of restaurant?

A. 995 - 9266

B. 995 - 9336

C. 995 - 9268

D. 995 - 8266

Q. Film director is looking for actress with lead role of α who perfectly fits the description appearing in the original screenplay. He doesn՚t want to consider actresses who don՚t resemble character as described in the screenplay even if they are talented. Screen-play describes α as average-sized, middle aged around 40, redhead with deep brown eyes, very fair skin & brilliant smile. Casting agent has 4 actresses in mind, actress 1 is a spectacular red-haired beauty, 5՚9 and in her mid-twenties with brown eyes & olive complexion. Actress 2 has red hair, big brown eyes and a fair complexion, is in her mid-forties and is 5՚5. Actress 3 is 5՚4 with medium build, red hair, brown eyes and is in her early forties. Actress 4 is blue-eyed redhead in early thirties, has very slight build and 5′. Which two actresses should be selected to meet the director?

A. 1,2

B. 2,3

C. 1,4

D. 2,4

Q. Exaggeration of true facts and stories by adding fictitious details leads to embellishing the truth. Which situation best explains embellishing the truth?

A. α goes to theater & next day tells her colleagues that play was excellent.

B. Realtor describes house located 5 km from ocean as prime waterfront property.

C. During job interview, α who teaches in elementary school for 10 years, describes himself as very experienced teacher.

D. Baseball coach says probably only most talented players will get scholarship.

Q. You are the only cashier working in a small store. A customer asks for help getting a product from the shelf. You would …

A. Tell the customer it՚s a “self-serve only” store

B. Know that according to store policy, you can lock cash register & help customer

C. Leave the cash register as is so you don՚t get locked out of it & go help customer

D. Tell that we don՚t want to sell that product

Q. A customer buys 100 in merchandise and hands you $ 500. However, when you give the change, the customer claims he gave you a 1,000 bill. The store manager is gone. You should …

A. Give the man 1,000 and bag his purchases

B. Give the man the difference between 100 & 1,000

C. Tell the customer to return when the manager returns

D. Keep the money and let the man go

Q. Employees at same telecom company α & β had objective assessments of their sales in 1st quarter of complex data products. β sold more total installations than α. But, rd of β՚s customers got their service cancelled in less than 3 months, while none of α՚s customers cancelled. What are implications for managers who conduct their respective performance appraisals?

A. They should focus only on the highest number of total sales.

B. They should focus only on the cancellations and disregard the numbers of sales.

C. They should focus only on the quality of work and ignore the sales numbers.

D. They should include subjective ratings by supervisors or a panel of experts.

Q. α is a behavior analyst who serves autism children & is having difficult time with the child՚s family. She goes to have coffee one fine day & her mother calls on phone to ask how things are going. She tells her mother about her woes with this family & explains her intervention doesn՚t seem to work well & she is having trouble with parents who question her skills. Her mother being a retired teacher but not a behavior analyst, asks her, “Is this the same family that you had trouble with last year?” α replies, No, this is different family & is β՚s family who are very wealthy and live on the upper side of town. You remember them. You met them at school board meeting once. Consider α՚s behavior relative to confidentiality issues. Which of the following statements is true?

A. α committed a breach of confidentiality accidentally, so is not of concern.

B. α committed a breach of confidentiality intentionally and this is of great concern.

C. α committed a breach of confidentiality intentionally but it is not of great concern as she wants to serve with greater good & avoid future problems for this child

D. No breach of confidentiality occurred as α didn՚t give out any personally identifiable information.