Ethics and Management System (CBSE-NET (UGC) Management (Paper-II & Paper-III)): Questions 6 - 7 of 7

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Question number: 6

» Ethics and Management System » Social Responsibilities of Business

Appeared in Year: 2015


Assertion (Ꭺ)

Social audit has been defined as a commitment to systematic assessment of and reporting in some meaningful, definable domain of the company’s activities that have social impact.

Reason (Ꭱ)

The Company’s act 2013 has accorded statutory recognition of the social responsibility of a corporate entity and gives option to provide a percentage of profit for the purpose as per discretion of the board


Choice (4) Response
a. Ꭺ is true but Ꭱ is false
b. Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are false
c. Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are true but Ꭱ is NOT the correct explanation of Ꭺ
d. Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are true and Ꭱ is the correct explanation of Ꭺ

Question number: 7

» Ethics and Management System » Personal Framework for Ethical Choices

Appeared in Year: 2015



Teleology in ethics supports which one of the following the most? (December)


Choice (4) Response

It measures whether the results of the actions are right or wrong.


It focuses on neutrality and fidelity of an action.


It is duty based ethics and measures whether an action is right or wrong.


It focuses on purpose of each action and judges the consequence of an action.

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