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We have a total of 213 Study Material available on NTA-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) International Studies (Paper-II). Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

International Politics (18)

Theories of International Politics (4)

Role of Power in International Politics (3)

The Concept of Nation (1)

National Interest (1)

National Security (1)

Collective Security (1)

Role of the United Nations (1)

Post Cold War (1)

Post Emerging World Order (1)

Politics of Liberalisation (1)

Globalisation and World Trade Organization (1)

Nuclear Weapons (1)

Deterrence and World Peace (1)

Security (16)

Components and Models of National and International Security (1)

Challenges and Threats to India's Security Since Independence (1)

Defence Mechanism of Nation-States (2)

India's Security Policies and Nuclear Doctrine (1)

Problems of Armament and Disarmament (2)

Concept and Theories of Conflict (1)

Conflict Resolution Including Confidence Building Measures ( CBMs ) (1)

Evolution of Strategic Thoughts (4)

New Modes of Warfare (3)

West Asia (40)

Introduction (8)

Ideologies (7)

West Asia and the World (9)

General Themes (16)

Africa (9)

Geo - Cultural Aspects (6)

Historical Aspects (3)

International and Area Studies(NEW) (27)

Major Concepts, Scope and Nature (14)

Theories (4)

Approaches (1)

Power Politics (7)

State and Non-State Actors (1)

Evolution of IR and Area Studies(NEW) (10)

Emergence of Nation States (1)

Emergence of Nationalism (1)

Pre-World War I International System (1)

Inter-War Period (1)

Post-World War II Period (Cold War) (1)

Decolonisation (1)

Global South (2)

International Politics (1)

Impact of Globalisation (1)

Conflict, Security and Peace: National and International(NEW) (44)

Concepts of National and International Security (2)

Models of National and International Security (2)

Evolution of Strategic Thoughts (18)

Evolution of Strategic Doctrines (6)

Evolution of India's Security Policies (1)

Evolution of India's Nuclear and Maritime Doctrines (1)

New Modes of Warfare (5)

Non-Traditional Security Threats (5)

Conflict Resolution and Peace (2)

Arms Control and Disarmament (2)

International Organisations and Global Governance(NEW) (15)

Role of International Organisations in International Peace and Security (2)

Role of International Organisations in Development Cooperation (3)

Role of International Organisations in Democratisation (3)

United Nations (2)

Global Governance (1)

Regional and Sub-Regional Organisations (1)

Impact of Globalisation (1)

International Law as an Instrument of Global Governance (2)

India's Foreign Policy(NEW) (26)

Evolution of Objectives and Principles (3)

India's Relations with Neighbourhood (1)

India's Relations with Extended Neighbourhood (4)

India and Major Powers (12)

India's Look East and Act East Policy (2)

India's Engagement with International Organisations (2)

India's Engagement with Regional Organisations (1)

Role of India's Soft Power in Its Foreign Policy (1)

South Asia and Indo-Pacific Region(NEW) (7)

Geopolitical and Geostrategic Setting (1)

Colonialism (1)

Nationalism (1)

Independence Movements (1)

Nation Building (1)

State Building (1)

Challenges to Democratization (1)

Europe and Erstwhile Soviet Union or Russia (1)

Role of US in Europe (1)

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