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We have a total of 164 Study Material available on NTA-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Home Science (Paper-II). Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Food Science (8)

Food Groups (1)

Perspectives of Food Service (7)

Institutional Management (5)

Management of Hospitality Institutes (3)

Marketing (2)

Resource Management (23)

Concept of Home Management and Steps (1)

Decision Making in Family (2)

Work Simplification (1)

Management (7)

Functions of Management (2)

Management of Natural Resources (1)

Human Resource Management (2)

Consumer (3)

Consumer Protection (1)

Entrepreneurship (3)

Human Development (59)

Child Development- Principles and Stages (1)

Life Span Development (6)

Women's Studies, Family Welfare Program- Recent Approaches (14)

Human Development- Rights Perspective (3)

Socialization in Various Family Contexts Across Different Cultures (1)

Principles of Growth and Development (3)

Children and Persons with Prevention of Disabilities (1)

Family Welfare (1)

Domestic Violence (1)

Health and Well Being Across Life Span Development (1)

Developmental and Educational Communication (3)

Traditional Methods and Materials of Communication (1)

Types of Communication (1)

Organisation, Agencies, and Institutes (1)

Methods of Research (1)

Selection and Preparation of Tools for Data Collection (1)

Home Science Extension Education (4)

Programme Management (1)

Training (1)

Community Development (1)

Action-Methods and Techniques (1)

Housing and Interior Design (61)

Design Fundamentals (10)

Colour (5)

Space Planning and Design (13)

Building Regulations (6)

Housing and Environment (20)

Energy as a Resource (4)

Product Design (3)

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