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We have a total of 2095 Study Material available on NTA-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Geography (Paper-II). Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Geomorphology (271)

Fundamental Concepts (37)

Factors Controlling Landform Development (2)

Endogenetic and Exogenetic Forces (9)

Denudation Process (7)

Geosynclines (6)

Mountain Building (8)

Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics (17)

Concept of Geomorphic Cycle (31)

Fluvial Landforms (16)

Glacial Landforms (15)

Arid Landforms (4)

Coastal Landforms (9)

Karst Landforms (8)

Slope Forms and Processes (8)

Environmental and Applied Geomorphology (14)

Rocks and Its Types (6)

Origin of Earth and Astronomy (39)

Earth Movements (6)

Landform Occurrence and Causes of Geomorphic Hazards (29)

Climatology (84)

Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere (14)

Heat Budget of the Earth (4)

Temperature, Pressure and Winds (18)

Monsoons and Jet Streams (5)

Stability and Instability of the Atmosphere (4)

Air-Masses (2)

Fronts, Temperate and Tropical Cyclones (13)

Types and Distribution of Precipitation (5)

Classification of World Climates (5)

Hydrological Cycle (1)

ENSO Events (El Nino, La Nina and Southern Oscillations) (2)

Meteorological Hazards and Disasters (1)

Climate Change: Evidences and Causes of Climatic Change in the Past (7)

Human Impact on Global Climate (3)

Oceanography (61)

Origin of Ocean Basins (5)

Bottom Relief of Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (7)

Ocean Deposits (4)

Coral Reefs (6)

Temperature and Salinity of the Oceans (9)

Density of Sea Water (4)

Tides and Ocean Currents (11)

Sea-Level Changes (9)

Hazards: Tsunami and Cyclone (6)

Bio-Geography (147)

Distribution of Plants and Animals (18)

Forms and Functions of Ecosystem (27)

Bio-Diversity and Its Depletion (12)

Conservation and Management of Ecosystems (28)

Environmental Hazards and Problems of Pollution (27)

Ozone Depletion (1)

Soil Structure and Formation (20)

International Programmes and Polices (3)

History of Geographic Thought (183)

Ancient Geographical Knowledge (43)

Medieval Geographical Knowledge (5)

German Contribution (6)

French Contribution (3)

British Contribution (4)

American Contribution (3)

Developments During the 20th Century (28)

Changing Paradigms (12)

Man and Environment (4)

Determinism and Possibilism (6)

Areal Differentiation and Spatial Organisation (6)

Quantitative Revolution (6)

Positivism (4)

Humanism (5)

Radicalism (3)

Behaviouralism (5)

Impact of Darwinian Theory on Geographical Thought (4)

Geographic Traditions: Earth Science, Man-Environment Relationship, Area Studies & Spatial Analysis (2)

Geography Dualism: Physical-Human, Regional-Systematic, Qualitative-Quantitative, Ideographic- Nomothetic (11)

Perspectives in Geography (15)

Population Geography (38)

World Distribution, Growth and Density of Population (4)

Policy Issues (3)

Demographic Transition (1)

Population-Resource Regions (4)

Theories of Population Growth (5)

Migration: Types, Causes and Consequences and Models (7)

Population Composition and Characteristics: Age, Sex, Rural-Urban, Occupational Structure and Educational Levels (4)

Population Policies in Developed and Developing Countries (3)

Settlement Geography (95)

Site, Situation, Types, Size, Spacing and Internal Morphology (16)

Ecological Processes of Urban Growth (1)

Urban Fringe (6)

City Region (2)

Settlement Systems (1)

Primate City (1)

Settlement Hierarchy (3)

Christaller's Central Place Theory (8)

August Losch's Theory of Market Centres (1)

Rural Settlements: Types, Patterns and Distribution (3)

Theories of Origin of Towns (5)

Characteristics and Processes of Urbanization in Developed and Developing Countries (30)

Internal Structure of the City (3)

Models of Urban Land Use (3)

Concepts of Megacities, Global Cities and Edge Cities (4)

Urban Social Area Analysis (1)

Manifestation of Poverty in the City: Slums, Informal Sector Growth, Crime and Social Exclusion (7)

Economic Geography (77)

Location of Economic Activities (3)

Classification of Economies (8)

Sectors of Economy (3)

Natural Resources (30)

Conservation of Resources (1)

Factors Affecting Spatial Organisation of Economic Activities: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quarternary (8)

Natural Resources Management (19)

World Energy Crises in Developed and Developing Countries (5)

Agricultural Geography (42)

Concept and Techniques of Delimitation of Agricultural Regions (9)

Measurement of Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency (11)

Crop Combinations and Diversification (2)

Von Thunen's Model (6)

Agricultural Systems of the World (12)

Cropping Pattern: Methods of Delineating Crop Combination Regions (2)

Industrial Geography (21)

Classification of Industries (1)

Weber's and Losch's Approaches (5)

Theories of Industrial Location (8)

Factors of Industrial Location (2)

Distribution and Growth of ICT and Knowledge (Education and R & D) Industries (5)

Geography of Transport and Trade (19)

Models of Transportation and Transport Cost (8)

Accessibility and Connectivity (5)

Comparative Cost Advantages (2)

World Trade Organisation (1)

Globalisation and Liberalisation and World Trade Patterns (2)

Problems and Prospects of Inter and Intra Regional Cooperation and Trade (1)

Political Geography (51)

Definition and Scope of Political Geography (5)

Geopolitics (2)

Heartland and Rimland Theories (4)

Concept of Nation, State and Nation-State (1)

Boundaries and Frontiers (3)

Politics of World Resources (1)

Geography and Federalism (1)

Determinants of Electoral Behaviour (1)

Geopolitics of Climate Change (6)

Regional Organisations of Cooperation: SAARC, ASEAN, OPEC, EU (4)

Neopolitics of World Natural Resources (11)

Social Geography (24)

Nature and Scope of Social Geography (2)

Social Structure and Social Processes (2)

Elements of Social Geography (3)

Concept of Social Well-Being (2)

Social Exclusion (1)

Spatial Distribution of Social Groups in India: Tribe, Caste, Religion and Language (10)

Tourism Geography & Medical Tourism (4)

Cultural Geography (19)

Nature and Scope of Cultural Geography (9)

Languages (3)

Concept of Culture-Areas and Cultural Regions (2)

Tribes (3)

Dwelling Places as Cultural Expressions (1)

Cultural Convergence (1)

Regional Planning (39)

Regional Concept in Geography (10)

Concept of Planning Region (3)

Regional Hierarchy (2)

Types of Regions and Methods of Regional Delineation (3)

Conceptual and Theoretical Framework of Regional Planning (16)

Indicators of Development (4)

Regional Imbalances (1)

Geography of India (587)

Physiographic Divisions (10)

Climate and Its Regional Variations (42)

Vegetation Types and Vegetation Regions (13)

Major Soil Types (11)

Coastal and Marine Resources (4)

Water Resources (17)

Agriculture (55)

Agroclimatic Regions (12)

Mineral and Power Resources (20)

Settlement Patterns (38)

Regional Disparities in Social and Economic Development (71)

Wildlife (10)

Geological Timescale (12)

Growth and Composition: Rural-Urban, Age, Sex, Occupational, Educational, Ethnic and Religious (39)

Determinants of Population (18)

Major Crop Regions (8)

Regional Variations in Agricultural Development (7)

Environmental, Technological and Institutional Factors Affecting Indian Agriculture (40)

Green Revolution, Food Security and Right to Food (14)

Industrial Development Since Independence (57)

Industrial Policies in India (6)

Development and Patterns of Transport Networks: Railways, Roadways, Waterways, Airways and Pipelines (39)

Internal and External Trade: Trend, Composition and Directions (15)

Globalisation and Its Impact on Indian Economy (18)

Natural Disasters in India (11)

Cartography (244)

Map (7)

Types of Maps (5)

Pie Diagrams (3)

Mapping of Location Specific Data (14)

Remote Sensing and Computer Application in Mapping (9)

Digital Mapping (2)

Geographic Information System (21)

Fundamentals of Cartography (1)

Scale and Types of Scale (3)

Mapping Instruments (3)

Sources of Geographic Information and Data: Spatial and Non-Spatial (7)

Techniques of Map Making (1)

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) (2)

Georeferencing: Coordinate System and Map Projections and Datum (10)

GIS Applications: Thematic Cartography, Spatial Decision Support System (35)

Types of Aerial Photographs (17)

GPS Components (Space, Ground Control and Receiver Segments) and Applications (18)

Sampling Procedure and Hypothesis Testing (1)

Morphometric Analysis (7)

Digital Image Processing, Remote Sensing and Big Data (22)

Basics of Remote Sensing (51)

Functions of GIS: Conversion, Editing and Analysis (5)

Statistical Methods (93)

Data Sources and Types of Data (14)

Statistical Diagrams (4)

Frequency Distribution and Cumulative Frequency (7)

Measures of Central Tendency (2)

Measures of Dispersion and Concentration (9)

Lorenz Curve (1)

Measure Association Among Different Attributes (10)

Regression (4)

Measurement of Spatialpatterns of Distribution (16)

Nearest-Neighbour Analysis (4)

Scaling Techniques (15)

Sampling Techniques (7)

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