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Characteristics of Personality

 Characteristics of personality

Characteristics of Personality

Various characteristics of personality are given

  • Every personality is unique:

    • Personality states to internal as well as external qualities. But it is unique to each individual. The behaviour of a person directed to one particular individual may differ from the behaviour of another person.

    • The behaviour of a person is different from the behaviour of another person. It may be different from person to person.

  • It determined qualities of an individual:

    • Every person has certain feeling as well as other permanent traits and qualities.

    • Personality is mainly depends on the persistent or permanent qualities that exhibit themselves… (90 more words) …

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Hans Eysenck: A trait type theory of personality

  • Eysenck develop a very influential model of personality. Personality can be studied from temperamental or cognitive aspects or both.

  • Eysenck theory is based primarily physiology and genetics. He considers learned habits of great importance and also considers personality differences as growing out of our genetic tradition.

  • Therefore, he is primarily interested in what is usually called temperament.

  • Eysenck’s definition of personality turn around four behaviour patterns:

    • Cognitive (Intelligence)

    • Connative (Character)

    • Affective (Temperament)

    • Somatic (Constitution)

  • Personality is the sum total of the actual or potential behaviour patterns of the organism as determined by heredity and environment.

  • It originates and develops through… (115 more words) …

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