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Sheldon’s somatotype personality

  • William Sheldon classified this theory according to by type. He has identified three main types of personality called as somatotype.

  • Somatotype includes three types of personality:

  • Endomorph

  • Mesomorph

  • Ectomorph

Somatotype three types of personality

Somatotype Three Types of Personality

Somatotype three types of personality with his character, shape and sample picture is given.

  • Endomorph:

    • Endomorph is also known as viscerotonic. It characterised by sociable, relaxed, tolerant, comfort, loving and peaceful.

    • Their body builds in plump and buxom.

  • Mesomorph:

    • Mesomorph is also known as somatotonic. It characterised by an active type, assertive, vigorous and combative.

    • Their body is muscular.

  • Ectomorph:

    • Ectomorph is also known as cerebrotonic.… (17 more words) …

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Subjective Techniques

  • Interview method

    • Interview is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of collecting information about persons. It also used to measure specific aspects of personality.

    • In this method the interviewer and respondent involve in a face-to-face discussion for the purpose of achieving a specific goal.

    • There are two types of interviews such as Structured and Unstructured.

    • In structured interview questions are carefully formulated and skillfully presented in given order.

    • In unstructured interview questions are framed in such a way as to allow the person considerable opportunity in responding.

    Strength and weaknesses of interview method:

    • It produced the very… (246 more words) …

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