CBSE-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Education (Paper-II) Psychological Foundations of Education-Personality Revision (Page 7 of 12)

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Dimensions of personality

  • According to Eysenck, the three dimension of personality neuroticism, extraverts and introverts. Extraversion-introversion is a matter of the balance of ‘inhibition’ and ‘excitation’ in the brain itself.

  • He found that their behaviour could be characterized by two dimensions: Introversion/Extroversion and Neuroticism.

Eysenck three dimension are given

Eysenck Three Dimension Are Given

Eysenck three dimensions: Introversion/Extroversion and Neuroticism.

  • Extraverts:

    • This dimension is very similar to the Jung

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Type theory

  • Type theories are discontinuous and the trait theories are in a continuum. So, type theory are different from the trait theories.

  • Type theory purpose to classify people into different categories. i. e. , the person is either this type or that type. There is a discontinuity between types i. e. , the person is humorous or not.

Ancient Greeks: The four Humors based personality types

  • The noblest, Ancient Greeks physician Hippocrates (460 - 370BC) develop the personality types of

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