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Types of personality

  • There are three types of personality are as below:

Extrovert Personality:

  • Extroverted personality has related with those people who are live mostly outside means like to live with others and contact with outside people in the society.

  • Those individuals peoples are highly socialized like smokers, drivers, drinkers, robbers, wicked persons etc.

Introvert Personality:

  • Introvert personality is related with those people who are live alone in their rooms and not want to go outside. It is an opposite of extravert personality.

  • This type of people has their own imaginary world. Its includes Scientist, philosophers, teachers etc.

Ambivert Personality:

  • Those types of… (38 more words) …

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Dimensions of personality

  • According to Eysenck, the three dimension of personality neuroticism, extraverts and introverts. Extraversion-introversion is a matter of the balance of ‘inhibition’ and ‘excitation’ in the brain itself.

  • He found that their behaviour could be characterized by two dimensions: Introversion/Extroversion and Neuroticism.

Eysenck three dimension are given

Eysenck Three Dimension Are Given

Eysenck three dimensions: Introversion/Extroversion and Neuroticism.

  • Extraverts:

    • This dimension is very similar to the Jung’s concept. They are sociable and desire excitement and change.

    • They tends to be carefree, optimistic and impulsive.

  • Introverts:

    • They are highly alert and learn well and so remember everything that happened. They are reserved, plan their action and control… (68 more words) …

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