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Measurement of personality

  • The objective of the Measurement of personality is to define a person in term of some of the measurable factors such as traits and understanding personality of an individual term as assessment of personality.

  • Assessment is the procedures used to evaluate or differentiate people on the basis of certain characteristics.

  • The goal of the assessment is to understand and predict behaviour with maximum accuracy.

  • Personality measurement aims at studying four

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Dynamic lattice

  • Dynamic lattice is an organized system of traits within human personality.

  • Its characteristics grip people’s motives and interests.

  • Cattell works the concept of dynamic lattice to represent the relationship of ergs, sentiments and attitudes to one another.

  • A single behaviour is expressive of many attitudes and each of which may be related to a number of sentiments and number of ergs.

  • A single behaviour or action satisfy a variety of

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