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Objective/personality Inventories technique

  • Minnesota Multi phasic personality inventory (MMPI)

  • MMPI is the mostly used multi trait self-report test. It was originally developed by Hathaway and McKinely in 1943 and published by University of Minnesota Press.

  • The updated and restandardised version of MMPI-2 was established in 1989. It has includes 567 items.

  • It main subject to judge the statements. The statement is true of false. It also divided into 10 sub scales.

  • This seek to identify:


  • Hysteria

  • Hypochondriasis

  • Psychopathic deviate

  • Marculinity feminity

  • Paranoia

  • Psychasthenia

  • Schisophernia

  • Mania

  • Social introversion

  • Psychologists and other mental health professionals use various version of MMPI:

    • Assist with differential diagnosis… (179 more words) …

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Approaches of personality

  • There are two approaches of personality on the basis of the definition.


  • The Psychological approach determines by the mental trends, complexes, emotions and sentiments.

  • This approach not able to understand the phenomena of personality ineffectiveness and the role of wishes of mental conflict and repression and sublimation in the growth of personality.


  • The sociological approach studies personality in the status of the individual in which they are member of the group and formation of his role in the group.

  • It’s also focuses on the social action and interrelation of personality, values with social structure and culture.

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