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Type theory

  • Type theories are discontinuous and the trait theories are in a continuum. So, type theory are different from the trait theories.

  • Type theory purpose to classify people into different categories. i. e. , the person is either this type or that type. There is a discontinuity between types i. e. , the person is humorous or not.

Ancient Greeks: The four Humors based personality types

  • The noblest, Ancient Greeks physician

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Criteria for personality Measurement

  • For the personality assessment techniques it is important to understand the criteria of personality measurement.

  • These criteria are helpful to determine the accuracy of assessment techniques. Here, we understand the each term briefly.

  • Standardization:

    • It refers to the uniform procedures and one type of assessment tool.

    • It’s providing information manually about the conditions under which assessment test should or should not be given.

    • It’s also providing information related to who

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