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Example of Carl Jung’s eight types of personality

Example of Carl Jung’s eight types of personality

Example of Carl Jung’S Eight Types of Personality

Showing image of example of Carl Jung’s eight types of personality

Projective Techniques

  • This technique involves Rorschach inkblot test, Thematic Apperception Test, complete sentences, or report what associations particular words bring to mind, expressions through drawing association with words, inkblots.

  • This theory is based on Frued’s theory that unconscious processes are important for understanding psychopathology.

  • This theory is also based on structures or unstructured stimulus or situation.


  • Its design to ambiguous stimuli, hidden emotion and internal conflict projected by a person.

  • Scoring and interpretation depend on subjective clinical judgements.

  • Test take are never told the purpose of test.

  • It’s used various kinds of stimulus materials for assessing personality.

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