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Tips and factors influencing development of personality

Personality development is nothing but a tool that helps to you realizes your capabilities and your strengths making you a stronger, happier and a cheerful person.

  • It is the relatively continuing pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that discriminate individuals from one other.

  • Psychologists have tried to identify the factors, which directly or indirectly influence to growth and development of the personality.

    Personality development tips:

  • Be a good listener

  • Be courteous

  • Positive attitude

  • Good conversation style

  • Helpful to other people

  • Be confident

  • Give respect if you want respect

  • Interaction with new people

  • More reading and build interest

  • Work on your… (490 more words) …

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Gordon Allport trait theory

  • Allport’s theory related with the motivation and motivation is an important concept of personality.

  • In this trait theory two portion are included. First is related with constant portion and other is variable portion. Constant portion describe with the concept of trait and variable portion describe with the functional autonomy or the tendency for behaviour.

  • Trait and functional autonomy both are the motivational and many traits have motive power and functional autonomy explains fully developed motivation.

  • A dispositional theory of personality: “The basic principle of behaviour is its continuous flow. ” -Gordon Allport

Types of traits:

  • Allport suggested three types… (430 more words) …

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