CBSE-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Education (Paper-II) Psychological Foundations of Education-Personality Revision (Page 10 of 12)

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Criteria for personality Measurement

  • For the personality assessment techniques it is important to understand the criteria of personality measurement.

  • These criteria are helpful to determine the accuracy of assessment techniques. Here, we understand the each term briefly.

  • Standardization:

    • It refers to the uniform procedures and one type of assessment tool.

    • It’s providing information manually about the conditions under which assessment test should or should not be given.

    • It’s also providing information

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Personality assessment techniques

A personality assessment technique includes various types of method. Its involve techniques for systematically gathering information a person to understand and predict behaviour.

Psychologists have tried to assess personality in various ways. The methods for measuring or assessing personality are related with the theory of personality. The most commonly used techniques are as follow:

  • Projective techniques

  • Objective/personality Inventories

  • Subjective techniques

Personality assessment technique

Personality Assessment Technique

Showing image of assessment techniques

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