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Dynamic traits

Dynamic traits are given in image

Dynamic Traits Are Given in Image

Showing image of three dynamic traits

  1. Attitude

  • Attitudes means specific tendencies and responses towards situations revolving around our sentiments.

  • It observe expression of basic dynamic structure from ergs, sentiments and their inter-relationships.
  • An attitude of an individual in a particular situation is an interest of certain intensity in some course of action with respect to some purpose.
  • Attitude reflects the amount of interest people have in different life areas such as homework, school etc.

Five components of attitude:

  • Conscious Id: Conscious Id that expresses wants of person, such as I wish, I want.… (180 more words) …

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Definition and Meaning of Personality

Personality has been derived from Latin word “persona”. Persona denoted the dramatic mask, first used in Greek drama and adopted about a 100 years before Christ by Roman players. It is combination of an individual thoughts, characteristics, behaviour, attitude, idea and habits.

Meaning of personality:

The term personality is used in our day-to-day conversation. Personality also includes physical or external appearance of the individual. It also refers the habits, attitudes as well as physical traits of persons.

  • Personality is different from person to person. Some type of quality of person, their behaviour etc that makes a person different from other… (177 more words) …

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