Topic-Wise CBSE-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Computer Science (Paper-II) Study Plan

TopicLearnPractice Questions (with Explanations)
Analysis and Design of Algorithms

Questions (62)

Computer Arithmetic

Notes (44)

Questions (111)

Computer Graphics

Questions (71)

Computer Networks

Questions (189)

Computer Structure and Organisation

Questions (54)

Current Trends and Technologies

Questions (30)

Data and File Structures

Questions (107)

Digital Logic

Questions (3)

Discrete Mathematics

Questions (76)

Discrete Structures

Notes (18)

Questions (40)

Encoding Decoding Error Correction Detection

Questions (16)


Questions (57)

Fuzzy Systems

Questions (11)

Graph Theory

Questions (5)

Image Processing

Questions (15)

Linear Programming Problem

Questions (18)

Management Information Systems

Questions (5)


Questions (34)

Models for Information Channel

Questions (26)

Neural Networks

Questions (57)

Object Oriented Technology

Questions (2)

Operating Systems with Unix

Questions (193)


Questions (24)

Programming in C and C Plus Plus

Notes (34)

Questions (110)

Programming Languages

Questions (57)

Relational Database Design and SQL

Questions (140)

Software Engineering

Questions (181)

System Software and Compilers

Questions (44)

Theory of Computation

Questions (27)

Windows Programming

Questions (25)