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Question number: 1113

» Mathematics » Visualizing Solid Shapes



Madhuri glued 5 white cubes together as shown below. Then she pained the entire figure black.

Polygon poly1Polygon poly1: Polygon [A, B, 4] Polygon poly1_2Polygon poly1_2: Polygon [A_2, B_2,4] Polygon poly1_4Polygon poly1_4: Polygon [A_5, B_5,4] Polygon poly1_5Polygon poly1_5: Polygon [A_4, B_4,4] Segment fSegment f: Segment [A, B] of Polygon poly1Segment gSegment g: Segment [B, C] of Polygon poly1Segment hSegment h: Segment [C, D] of Polygon poly1Segment iSegment i: Segment [D, A] of Polygon poly1Segment jSegment j: Segment [E, F] Segment j_1Segment j_1: Segment [E_1, F_1] Segment kSegment k: Segment [G, H] Segment f_2Segment f_2: Segment [A_2, B_2] of Polygon poly1_2Segment g_2Segment g_2: Segment [B_2, C_2] of Polygon poly1_2Segment h_2Segment h_2: Segment [C_2, D_2] of Polygon poly1_2Segment i_2Segment i_2: Segment [D_2, A_2] of Polygon poly1_2Segment j_2Segment j_2: Segment [E_3, F_3] Segment j_3Segment j_3: Segment [E_2, F_2] Segment k_1Segment k_1: Segment [G_1, H_1] Segment f_4Segment f_4: Segment [A_5, B_5] of Polygon poly1_4Segment g_4Segment g_4: Segment [B_5, C_5] of Polygon poly1_4Segment h_4Segment h_4: Segment [C_5, D_5] of Polygon poly1_4Segment i_4Segment i_4: Segment [D_5, A_5] of Polygon poly1_4Segment j_4Segment j_4: Segment [E_7, F_7] Segment j_5Segment j_5: Segment [E_6, F_6] Segment k_2Segment k_2: Segment [G_3, H_3] Segment f_5Segment f_5: Segment [A_4, B_4] of Polygon poly1_5Segment g_5Segment g_5: Segment [B_4, C_4] of Polygon poly1_5Segment h_5Segment h_5: Segment [C_4, D_4] of Polygon poly1_5Segment i_5Segment i_5: Segment [D_4, A_4] of Polygon poly1_5Segment j_6Segment j_6: Segment [E_5, F_5] Segment j_7Segment j_7: Segment [E_4, F_4] Segment k_3Segment k_3: Segment [G_2, H_2] Segment j_8Segment j_8: Segment [E_8, F_8] Segment lSegment l: Segment [I, J]

Image of Glued 5 White Cubes Together

How many faces of the 4 cubes were painted red?


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