Current Electricity (NEST (National Entrance Screening Test) Physics): Questions 1 - 2 of 2

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Question number: 1

» Current Electricity » Temperature Dependence of Resistance


Appeared in Year: 2013



A cylindrical steel rod of length and thermal conductivity is welded end to end to a copper rod of thermal conductivity and of the same area of cross section but long. One end of the copper rod is maintained at . The free end of the steel rod is maintained at a temperature of . Assuming that the rods are perfectly insulated, the temperature of the junction is –


Choice (4)Response





Question number: 2

» Current Electricity » Potential Difference and EMF of Cell


Appeared in Year: 2019

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Drawing power from a car battery, a stabilized Dc voltage is required to power a car stereo system attached to the terminals and , as shown in the figure.

Image shows The power of car stereo system

Image Shows the Power of Car Stereo System

In a Zener diode with rating and , is connected as shown in the figure, for the above purpose, the minimum series resistance must be


From Kirchhoff’s loop rule

For to be minimum, I should be maximum:

At node point :

In this case

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