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Question number: 24

» Kinematics » Uniform and Non-Uniform Motion


Appeared in Year: 2008



Circle cCircle c: Circle through B with center AArc dArc d: CircularArc [D, F, G] Arc eArc e: CircularArc [E, H, I] Arc kArc k: CircularArc [J, K, L] Angle αAngle α: Angle between E, C, DSegment fSegment f: Segment [B, A] Segment hSegment h: Segment [C, E] Segment gSegment g: Segment [D, C] Segment gSegment g: Segment [D, C] Segment gSegment g: Segment [D, C] Point DD = (3.22,4.36) Point DD = (3.22,4.36) Point EE = (3.76,1.81) Point EE = (3.76,1.81) Point GG = (3.46,4.98) Point GG = (3.46,4.98) Point II = (4.24,2.24) Point II = (4.24,2.24) Point LL = (2.22,3.34) Point LL = (2.22,3.34) atext1 = “a”Ttext1_1 = “T”⧵omegatext1_2 = “⧵omega”⧵omega_0text1_3 = “⧵omega_0”⧵omega_0text1_3 = “⧵omega_0”btext1_4 = “b”⧵thetatext1_5 = “⧵theta “

A Light String Wraps About Fix Cylinder

A light string, with a particle of mass at one end, wraps itself about a fixed vertical cylinder of radius . The entire motion is in the horizontal plane (neglect gravity). The angular speed of the string (and the particle) is when the distance of the particle from the point of contact between the string and the cylinder is . The given figure is the top view of the entire process. If the angular speed is and the tension in the string is after the string has turned through an additional angle , then –


Choice (4)Response




Kinetic energy is conserved in this process.


Angular momentum is conserved in this process.

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