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Name of Scientist and Major discovery

Table for scientist and their discoveries

In table list of scientist and their discoveries is given.

Name of Scientist

Major discovery

Country of origin

Albert Einstein

Explanation of photoelectric effect; Theory of relativity



Principle of buoyancy; Principle of the lever


Galileo Galilei

Law of inertia; mathematical analysis of relationship between astronomy and physics


Isaac Newton

Universal law of gravitation; Law of motion; Reflecting telescope

U. K.

Christiaan Huygens

Wave theory of light (Huygen’s Principle)


Michel Faraday

Law of electromagnetic induction

U. K.

James Clerk Maxwell

Electromagnetic theory; Light – an electromagnetic wave

U. K

Heinrich… (229 more words) …

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Importance of Technology in Society

  • Physics is study of nature and natural phenomena. Now-a-days the society is surrounded by lots of technology which generated from physics. This connection between society and science and technology is observed from many examples. Like –

  • The heat engines are understood and improved by the discipline of thermodynamics. In eighteenth century, the industrial revolution is so much dependent on the steam engine. It gave good impact on life style of human civilization.

  • Generally physics develops new technologies but some time physics develops new physics. The wireless technology is an example of it. The wireless technology is worked on the basis… (321 more words) …

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