Current Electricity-Temperature Dependence of Resistance (NEET Physics): Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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» Current Electricity » Temperature Dependence of Resistance


Assertion (Ꭺ)

The temperature coefficient of resistance is positive for metals and negative for p-type semiconductor.

Reason (Ꭱ)

The effective charge carriers in metals are negatively charged whereas in p-type semiconductor they are positively charged.


Choice (4) Response


Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are false


Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are true and Ꭱ is the correct explanation of Ꭺ


Ꭺ is true but Ꭱ is false


Both Ꭺ and Ꭱ are true but Ꭱ is NOT the correct explanation of Ꭺ

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