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Animal Nutrition and Types


Nutrition is the process by which organisms obtain substances which are required for their growth, maintenance and to meet their energy need. These substances are called nutrients or food.

Types of nutrition; it is of two types

  • Autotrophic or Holophytic nutrition; in this type organisms are capable of preparing organic food in their own body. These organisms are called autotrophs. Autotrophs are of two types

    • Phototrophs; Green plants, certain protists such as euglena, volvox and some bacteria are the organisms which are capable to synthesizeorganic molecules like sugars from inorganic substances by photosynthesis. These organisms utilize energy… (385 more words) …

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General plan of nutrition

In order to full fill the various body requirements, food is taken by the organism. This process of taking food is called ingestion. The complex insoluble large molecules of food are converted into simple small soluble molecules by the action of digestive enzymes, it is called digestion. Movement of these digested molecules into blood or lymph is called absorption. The part of food which remains after absorption is expelled from the body and this process is called Egestion.

Type of digestion; is of two types;

  • Intracellular digestion; in this type digestion takes place in the cell. Food material is… (136 more words) …

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