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Hormones of Pineal gland

Origin; It develops from the ectoderm of the embryo

Location and Structure; it is a small rounded structure located between cerebral hemispheres, protruding from the roof of the third ventricle. it consists of pineal cells (pinealocytes) and supporting glial cells.

Image of Pineal Glands

Image of Pineal Glands

Showing the Pineal Glands in image

Hormones hormone melatonin is secreted by it. Melatonin shows a diurnal variation. Its concentration in the blood rises in the evening and through the night and drops to a low level around noon.


  • Controls reproductive functions. It is involved in the onset of puberty. Light falling… (51 more words) …

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Hormone of Parathyroid Gland

Origin; they develop from endoderm of the embryo

Location; are two pairs of glands (four glands) located on the posterior surface of the lobes of the thyroid gland.

Image showing the location of parathyroid gland

Image Showing the Location of Parathyroid Gland

Image of location of parathyroid gland

Structure; each gland consists of densely packed cords of epithelial cells well supplied with blood vessels.

Hormone; the epithelial cells of parathyroid glands secrete a hormone called parathormone (also called Collip’s hormone after the name of its discoverer) this hormone helps in the metabolism of calcium and phosphate.

Actions; Along with calcitonin of pituitary gland it regulates… (78 more words) …

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