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Hormones of thyroid gland

  • Origin; it develops from the endoderm of the embryo.
  • Location; thyroid is the largest endocrinal gland, located anterior to the thyroid cartilage of the larynx in the neck. It is bilobed structure, the two lobes are connected by a narrow structure called isthmus. It is well supplied with blood vessels.
 Image of lobes of Thyroid

Image of Lobes of Thyroid

Showing lobes of thyroid in image

The microscopic structure; thyroid gland is made up of multiple follicles (acini). The follicles are lined by single layer of cuboidal epithelium. It is filled with a clear, viscous substance called colloid. Surrounding the follicles is… (664 more words) …

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Hormones of Gonads

The gonads are the sex glands, ovaries in the female and testis in the males. They produce ova and sperms respectively but also secrete hormones.

Ovaries: are paired structures present in the females. They are located in the pelvic cavity in close proximity to the uterus and oviduct.

Hormones of ovaries are

  1. Oestrogens; are secreted by the cells of Graafian (ovarian) follicles. Estradiol is the principal feminizing hormone. It stimulates the development of female secondary sex characteristics during puberty and maintains them through the reproductive years of adult life. It stimulates maturation of ova in the ovaries and development… (303 more words) …

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