NEET (NTA)-National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Medical) Biology Human Physiology-Neural Control and Coordination Revision (Page 10 of 17)

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Hormones of Placenta

Placenta is the intimate connection between the foetus and the uterine wall of mother for the exchange of the nutrients. Placenta is a temporary endocrine gland present during pregnancy. It secrets some hormones; like estradiol, progesterone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and human chorionic somatotropin (hCS). Their functions are

  • Estradiol and progesterone have the same actions as in the non pregnant state.

  • However the main function of the placental progesterone is to che

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Hormones of pituitary gland

  • Pituitary is called Master Endocrine Gland or the Leader of Endocrine Orchestra or Chief Executive of Endocrine system. But it is not proper o call it Master Endocrine Gland because it itself is under control of Hypothalamus. Thus hypothalamus is, in fact the supreme commander of endocrinal regulation

  • It develops from ectoderm of the embryo. It is smallest endocrinal gland in body. The pituitary is attached to the hypothalamus by a stalk. It is reddish grey in colour and oval in s

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