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Digestion in GIT - Digestion of protein


Main is food proteins, desquamated epithelial cells and enzymes of digestive juices. Proteins are made up of amino acids so during the process of digestion they are broken down again to amino acids. Enzymes that hydrolyse proteins are called proteases or peptidases. Many of these enzymes are secreted in their inactive forms called proenzymes as their active forms would hydrolyse cellular and extracellular proteins of the organism itself. Inactive forms are converted to active form at the site of their action.


Saliva; does not contain any protein digesting enzymes. So digestion of proteins does… (588 more words) …

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Digestive Glands - Gastric Glands

Structural characteristics of stomach;

as elsewhere in the gut, the wall of stomach also consists of 4 layers, Mucosa, Submucosa, Muscular layer and Serosa. The mucosa and muscular layer have some characteristic features.

Characteristics of mucosa; are

  • Presence of rugae gastricmucosa is thick and thrown into several folds called rugae, when the stomach is full folds disappear

  • Mucous secreting cells

The gastric mucosa is covered with columnar epithelial cells or mucous cells which secrete mucus and bicarbonate. Mucus is made of glycoprotein and over the surface of mucosa a layer of thick viscid mucous is present, about 2mm… (1041 more words) …

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