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Important Hormones of GIT

Important Hormones of GIT

Knowing Important Hormones of GIT


Name of hormone

Site of production




G-cells of stomach

(i) secretion of HCl from stomach

(ii) trophic (growth promoting) action

on the gut



Upper small intestine

Stimulate production of bicarbonate in

Pancreatic juice



Upper small intestine

(i) stimulate pancreatic enzyme secretion

(ii) contraction of gall bladder



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Disorders due to abnormality in absorption

  • Enteritis is inflammation of intestine particularly of small intestine. There is passage of loose motion

  • Lactose intolerance: is caused because of deficiency of lactase enzyme in the brush border of the epithelium. In the infants it is not common but in the adults particularly of Asian origin it is very common. In the affected person lactose can not be digested and results in diarrhea and flatus formation. The disorder results in milk intolerance.

  • Hartnup disease: is rare autos…

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