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Hormonal Regulation of digestive secretions

Following hormones regulate the digestive secretions

  1. Gastrin; secreted by mucosa of pyloric region of stomach. It stimulates the gastric glands to release the gastric juice.

  2. Secretin; secreted by the mucosa of duodenum and jejunum. It causes the release of sodium bicarbonate in the pancreatic juice.

  3. Cholecystokinin pancreozymin (CCK-PZ); the word Cholecystokinin is derived from three terms: Chol (chole) means bile, cyst meaning bladder and kinin (Gr. Kinesis) meaning to remove. It stimulates the gall bladder to release bile. The word pancreozymin is derived from pancreas and zymin, which means enzyme producer. It stimulates pancreas to release enzymes in the pancreatic… (178 more words) …

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Part of GIT – Small Intestine

Small intestine; is so named because it has small diameter. Its length is correlated with the height of the individual and not with the weight. It is longest part of GIT and has three parts,

  1. Duodenum (Latin twelve); it isso called as it is as long as the breadth of 12 fingers which makes about 25 cm. It is the shortest, widest first partof small intestine. It looks like English alphabet C in shape, in the curvature of C is present the head of pancreas. In this part the hepatopancreatic ampulla (ampulla of Vater) opens ampulla receives both bile and… (230 more words) …

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