NEET (NTA)-National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Medical) Biology Human Physiology-Digestion and Absorption Revision (Page 12 of 23)

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Digestive Glands - Small intestine and intestinal glands

Histological characteristics of small intestine; it contains 4 layers – mucosa (mucous membrane), submucosa, muscular layer and serous (peritoneal layer). The mucous membrane has following special features;

  • Surface area of small intestinal mucosa is only 2.5 sq. meter but it is greatly increased by

  1. Presence of folds of kerckring (Dutch anatomist) theseare circular folds present in mucosa. They are also called Circular plica or Valvulae conniventes

  2. Presence of villi; mucous me

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Hormones of GIT

GI hormones play a major role in the regulation of GI secretion and motility. These hormones are classified in two groups

  • Gastrin family it includes

    • Gastrin

    • Cholecystokinin

  • Secretin family includes

    • Secretin

    • Somatostatin

    • Glucagon

    • Vasoactive intestinal Peptide

    • Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide


Secretion; Gastrin is a polypeptide hormone found in the various forms. G 17 is the principal form. It is produced by

  • G cells present in the pyloric glan

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