NEET (NTA)-National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Medical) Biology Human Physiology-Breathing and Respiration Revision (Page 9 of 12)

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Oxygen dissociation curve

The curve shows the relationship between percentage % saturation of Hb at various pressures of oxygen. It shows a progressive increase in the percentage saturation of the Hb as the PO2 increases.

 Knowing the oxygen dissociation curve

Knowing the Oxygen Dissociation Curve

What is the oxygen dissociation curve

The curve has a characteristic shape, the sigmoid shape (S-shaped). The steep lower part of the curve shows that small change in the pO2 leads to significant change in percentage saturation of hemoglobin. This help

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Transport of Carbon Dioxide

Transport of Carbon dioxide during the oxidation of food carbon dioxide, water and energy are produced. Carbon dioxide diffuses out of the cells in the blood of capillaries, where it is transported as follows

  • As dissolved in plasma. Because of its high solubility 7% of it is carried in this form, from tissues to lun
  • In bicarbonate form. About 70% is carried in this form. The capillary blood takes up the CO2 in plasma. From plasma CO2 enters in the RBCs where it combines with water to

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