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Common terms related to respiratory system

  • Yawning is deep inspiration with the wide open mouth. It is associated with boredom, drowsiness, fatigue etc.

  • Hiccough is periodic phenomenon. There is spasmodic closure of glottis following spasmodic lowering of diaphragm causing a short, sharp inspiratory act. It may be caused by irritation of diaphragm or phrenic nerve, or by distension of abdomen.

  • Anoxia means absence of oxygen. Often used (incorrectly) in relation to hypoxia

  • Dysponea/Dyspnea is discomfort in

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Respiration & exchange of Gases

  • Respirationis the process by which oxygen enters in the body and carbon dioxide is removed. Oxygen is used for the oxidation of food substances in the tissue to generate energy for carrying out various functions by the organism during the process carbon dioxide and water are formed.
  • Thus during respiration is oxygen is used and heat is generated in the tissues, during burning also oxygen is used and heat is
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