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Differences between Tracheoles and Bronchioles

This table explanations the differences between tracheloes and bronchioles

Differences between Tracheoles and Bronchioles

Knowing Differences between Tracheoles and Bronchioles





Are found in insects.

Found in mammals.


They are the branches of trachea.

They are branches of tertiary bronchi.


They are closed at the tip.

They open into alveolar duct.


They are filled with tissue fluid.

Not filled with any fluid.


Tracheoles are present in with in

the tracheoles cells.

Such cell is absent.


Tracheoles penetrate the body cells.

Bronchioles lead to alveolar duct.

Functions of respiratory passage

  • Humidification of inspired air

  • Modification of temperature (cool or warm) of the inspired air.

  • Filtration of dust particles (Prevent foreign bodies) from reaching the alveoli

    • Particles > 10 μm in diameter are strained out by hairs in the nostrils or settle down on mucous membrane in the nose and pharynx.

    • Particles 2 to 10 μm in diameter falls on the wall of bronchi as air flow slows here they are removed by ciliary escalator action and coughing.

    • Particles < 2 μm reach the alveoli and are ingested by the macrophages.

  • Defense action of alveolar macrophages and secretory antibodies protects body… (58 more words) …

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