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Exchange of gases in tissues

Exchange of gases in tissues the oxygenated blood goes to the heart. The heart distributes this blood to various parts through arteries. The arteries divide and redivide to form capillaries. The exchange of gases takes place between capillary blood and cells.

  • The partial pressure of oxygen is higher in the blood (95 mm Hg) than that of the body cells (40 mm Hg) therefore oxygen diffuses from capillary blood to the body cells through tissue fluid.

  • The partial pressure of carbon …

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Artificial respiration

Persons who have stopped breathing because of drowning, electric shock or smoke inhalation may be subjected to artificial breathing until their own breathing can be initiated. A variety of methods are practiced but the mouth to mouth breathing is most common.

Mouth to mouth breathing; in this method following steps are involved

  • The operator lifts the patient’s neck by placing a hand below it.

  • Operator closes the nostrils of the patient with the fingers.

  • Operator keeps his o…

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