NEET (NTA)-National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Medical) Biology Human Physiology-Breathing and Respiration Revision (Page 10 of 12)

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Regulation of Respiration (control of respiration)

Regulation of ventilation

The main aim of regulation/control is to maintain level of oxygen and carbon dioxide within normal limits, during rest as well during various activities. Spontaneous respiration is controlled by

  1. Nervous regulation

  2. Chemical regulation

The Nervous regulation the neurons for this type of regulation are present in

  • Medulla; there are two groups of neurons to form

  • Inspiratory centre or dorsal medullary centre (DRG). It is present in dorsomedial region

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Artificial respiration

Persons who have stopped breathing because of drowning, electric shock or smoke inhalation may be subjected to artificial breathing until their own breathing can be initiated. A variety of methods are practiced but the mouth to mouth breathing is most common.

Mouth to mouth breathing; in this method following steps are involved

  • The operator lifts the patient’s neck by placing a hand below it.

  • Operator closes the nostrils of the patient with the fingers.

  • Operator keeps his o

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