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Transport of gases in Blood

Blood carries oxygen fromthe lungs to the heart and from heart to the various parts of the body. It also brings carbon dioxidefromthe body parts to the heart and then to the lungs.

Transport of Oxygen. Oxygen is transported in the blood in two forms

  1. Dissolved in plasma. About 3 % of oxygen in blood is dissolved in plasma. It is small amount but it plays important roles. (i) The partial pressure of oxygen in the blood is due to dissolved O2. (ii) The PO2 of blood determines the amount of O2 transported by Hb.… (272 more words) …

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Types of Aerobic Respiration

  • Types of aerobic respiration: It is of two main types

  • Direct respiration in this type exchange of gases is through body cells directly and blood is not used. It is found in aerobic bacteria, protists, plants, sponges, flatworms, round worms, coelenterates and many arthropods.

  • Indirect respiration in this type of respiration exchange of gases takes place through special respiratory organs like skin, gills, buccopharyngeal cavity and lungs. Thus it is of following types

    • Cutaneous respiration is through skin. It is present in annelids, some arthropods and amphibians. It occurs both in air and water.

    • Branchial respiration is through gills. It… (188 more words) …

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