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Knowing the Types of Taxonomy

Image showing types of taxonomy.

Image Showing Types of Taxonomy.

There are mainly six types of taxonomy occurding to their charaters.

  • Alpha taxonomy or classical taxonomy: It is based on external morphology, origin and evolution characters of plants.

  • Beta taxonomy or Explorative taxonomy: Besides external morphology, it also includes internal characters like embryological, cytological, anatomical characters etc.

  • Omega taxonomy or Encyclopedic taxonomy: Omega taxonomy has widest scope. It is based on all the information’s or data available about plants.

  • Note: Alpha, Beta and Omega taxonomy words proposed by Turill.

  • Cytotaxonomy: The use of cytological characters of plants in classification or… (109 more words) …

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History of Taxonomy – Part 1

(1) Aristotle (382 B. C. ) : Father of biology & father of zoology. He classified plants on the basis of morphological characters in three groups

  • Trees

  • Shrubs

  • Herbs.

Image showing Aristotle’s system.

Image Showing Aristotle’S System.

Aristotle subdivided plants into three groups; herbs, shrubs and trees depending on the size and structure of a plant.

(2) Theophrastus

(A) Time - 370 - 285 B. C.

(B) He is known as father of ancient plant taxonomy and father of botany or the Father of taxonomy.

(C) Both Theophrastus & Aristotle are Greek political philosophers.

(D) Theophrastus wrote many books on plants. Few of them… (411 more words) …

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